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Aiming For Harvard, Stanford and Oxford? Hear admissions secrets from a successful admit to all three!

About this webinar

In many countries around the world, it's a rite of passage for students to leave home straight after high school and find their independence at college or university. However, in Australia and New Zealand, many children stay home until their mid-20s or even later and miss out on this extremely important opportunity for growth and development. If you're curious about what it'd be like to leave home at the age of 17 and study at some of the world's leading universities, this webinar is for you.

Crimson Education CEO, Jamie Beaton, will be sharing his advice for families considering overseas study based on his journey going from high school in Auckland to studying at Harvard, Stanford and Oxford while working alongside world leaders and founding a global education company.

Topics covered include:

  • My application experience and the challenges I faced
  • How I focused on each part of the application
  • What I did for extracurrriculars and how I made them resonate
  • How the admissions landscape is changing - including the admissions process
  • Why the impacts and opportunities that come with a top university degree are more powerful than ever
  • How I succeeded in pressure cookers like Harvard, Stanford and Oxford
  • The amazing support given to international students
  • International uni application tips
  • Q&A

About Jamie Beaton

Leaving home straight after high school is both a scary and exciting experience and that’s exactly what Jamie did, leaving his hometown of Auckland, New Zealand, to pursue a double degree at Harvard. After three years at Harvard including weekend internships in New York, Jamie became one of the youngest students ever to be accepted into Stanford’s coveted MBA program before becoming a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford where he recently completed his PhD in education. Join Jamie to learn if overseas study is right for you, how to succeed overseas and the challenges students have to overcome.

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    WY G
    Will Yaxley Academic Advisor @ Crimson Education

    Will is an academic advisor with 5+ years experience in admissions industry. He has supported students who gained entrance into Cambridge, Oxford and Ivy League Universities and is a specialist in US, UK, Athletics and Performing Arts Admissions

  • Guest speaker
    Jamie Beaton

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