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MENA: Planning for School and Career Pathways in Medicine Webinar

About this webinar

Are you a future doctor? Do you want to apply to top Med School programs in the world? Your dream is achievable with us as it is our mission to support students in achieving their medical school dreams. 

This webinar designed for aspiring medical students and their parents. In this session will cover:

  • Why choosing a career in medicine might be right for you
  • Information about applying to medical school
  • Entrance exams
  • Medical Interviews (MMI)
  • Acceptance requirements 
  • Insights into academic life 
  • Strategic tips for medical school admission
  • Q&A with a medical student

If you are ready to learn more about getting into medical school and how we can help, register today to attend

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    Crimson Education

    Our mission is to help students fully unlock their potential and gain access to the world's most prestigious universities. Crimson students have received 220 offers to the Ivy League, 99 to Oxford and Cambridge, and over 1,100 to top 50 US universities.

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    Soraya Beheshti Managing Director @ Crimson Education

  • Guest speaker
    Christine Xu M.D. Candidate @ Stanford University School of Medicine

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