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Credential Abuse: Why, How, and What You Can Do About It

About this event

Account takeover has become a preferred initial access method for network compromise. Ranging from simple phishing to bypassing multi-factor authentication, it’s clear that threats are pivoting as more people join criminal ranks as affiliates.  Join us as we discuss this trend, explain how the various attacks work, and what controls you should be implementing to avoid outcomes like extortion and records theft.

We will cover:

  • Current Threat Landscape for SMBs, including recent attacks and compliance challenges
  • Common Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) bypass techniques and how they compromise security and best practices for strengthening your MFA implementations
  • Credential Stuffing Detection and Prevention with proactive strategies for detecting and mitigating stuffing attempts
  • Evolving phishing tactics identifying what they are and how to train for employee awareness and tools to combat them
  • Layering defense mechanisms and when to lean on external support for continuous monitoring and rapid incident response

Join us on June 20 at 11:30am PT/2:30pm ET

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    Fred Langston Chief Product Officer @ Critical Insight, Inc.

    Fred Langston CISSP, CCSK, a cofounder of Critical Insight, Inc., has over 25 years of information security experience. He participated in the working group that contributed to the proposed HIPAA security rule as well as the SIG and the AUP working group for the Banking IT Security Forum.

  • Team member
    Michael Hamilton Founder @ Critical Insight, Inc

    Thirty years in information security in every imaginable role.

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