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Implications of the HHS Cybersecurity Performance Goals – Did the Government Go Too Far or Not Far Enough?

About this event

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has just released Cybersecurity Performance Goals.   

Join us as we dissect the goals and their impact on healthcare organizations. Our expert panel will explore key aspects of the goals, including the critical practices, the expected outcomes, and strategic imperatives laid out by HHS.  

We’ll also export why they are currently “voluntary”, why the outcome is defined by “practices”, the arguments around making them mandatory or, conversely, if it’s even possible to determine what compliance to outcome-based guidance might look like. 

Key Webinar Highlights:

  • Understanding HHS Cybersecurity Performance Goals (CPGs): An in-depth overview of the key components of HHS cybersecurity performance goals, dissecting the critical elements that healthcare organizations must address to align with regulatory expectations. 
  • Essential vs Enhanced: Explore the differences between the Essential goals and the Enhanced. We’ll also talk about what’s missing from the goals and why some believe the two categories are a mistake.  
  • Strategies for Implementation: Hear from cybersecurity experts on effective strategies and practical approaches for implementing and sustaining cybersecurity practices aligned with HHS goals, with a focus on mitigating risks and enhancing overall security postures. 

Join us to ensure that your organization has a strong understanding of the CPGs, so that you can decide whether compliance should be on your immediate roadmap.  

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  • Guest speaker
    Mohammad Waqas CTO, Healthcare @ Armis

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    Jake Milstein CMO & Event Host @ Critical Insight

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    Michael Hamilton Founder @ Critical Insight, Inc

    Thirty years in information security in every imaginable role.

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    Fred Langston Chief Product Officer @ Critical Insight, Inc.

    Fred Langston CISSP, CCSK, a cofounder of Critical Insight, Inc., has over 25 years of information security experience. He participated in the working group that contributed to the proposed HIPAA security rule as well as the SIG and the AUP working group for the Banking IT Security Forum.

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