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CrowdSec invites you to their event

The open-source collaborative IPS | CrowdSec Webinar

About this event

Join our upcoming webinar to find out more about open-source and collaborative cybersecurity.

CrowdSec is free, open-source, and collaborative threat intelligence. CrowdSec can protect any service by detecting a large range of attacks in logs and blocking those attacks either on the network level, in an application, or even in the cloud.

All users are automatically sharing intelligence on the attacks they’re seeing in an anonymous way. With CrowdSec, by protecting yourself, you contribute to protecting the rest of the world: your fellow user, your hospital, the enterprise you work at, your parents.

As of today, CrowdSec has been installed in 126 countries and has blocked over 1 Million rogue IPs.

Think of CrowdSec as a modern, flexible and fast version of Fail2Ban that can detect much more advanced attacks. And it’s for free!

In this webinar:

Product Presentation

  • Our CEO, Philippe Humeau, will present the product, elaborate on the strategy of CrowdSec and why & how this innovative solution came to life.


  • Head of Community, Klaus Agnoletti, will then share examples of use cases on how you can use CrowdSec to protect your IT assets.

Product Demo

  • Next, you will see how easy it is to install CrowdSec and set up the remediation against malicious IPs. You'll also learn more about the curation process to avoid poisoning & false positives.


  • Our exciting ambassador from Argentina, Arturo Buanzo, will share how he uses CrowdSec and what he likes the most about it.


  • We will end up with a Q&A session where you can ask our team anything you want.

Whether you are a CrowdSec active user, getting to know it, or have never heard of it before, we will be happy to showcase CrowdSec to you and invite you to our rapidly growing community. Register now! Use this opportunity to talk to our team and ask your questions!

See you on January 27th, 12 PM (EST)/ 6 PM (CET).

Your CrowdSec team,

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Klaus Agnoletti Head of Community @ CrowdSec

    I'm a long time infosec professional gone rogue and entered the space of marketing. My focus is the community in which I have been active for many years. In CrowdSec I'm responsible for our community.

  • Guest speaker
    Arturo 'Buanzo' Busleiman Ambassador of CrowdSec, CISO @ Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Argentina

    I've been a programmer fond of Linux and open-source software since 1994. I've contributed to Fail2Ban and Audacity and founded Hume and mod_opengpg. I'm from Argentina. I currently lead the Argentine ministry of foreign affairs' cybersecurity program as well as being a proud CrowdSec ambassador.

  • Team member
    Philippe Humeau CEO @ CrowdSec

    Philippe graduated in 1999 as a Cybersec engineer. He then created his 1st company, dedicated to red team penetration testing and high-security hosting. After selling it in 2016, his eternal crushes for Cybersecurity led him to create CrowdSec, the opensource, participative IDPS+CTI.


Free & open source security for your servers

CrowdSec is an open-source and collaborative IDPS leveraging crowd power. Analyze behaviors, respond to attacks & share signals across the community. Security should be accessible to everyone. We make it happen. For free. Join us!