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What does Crowdsourced Cybersecurity Actually Mean?

About this event

You have most likely heard of crowdsourcing before but being used for cybersecurity? Now, that is not a concept you hear every day!

Discover this new and quickly rising idea of "crowdsourced cybersecurity" in this webinar with Jack Fryer, Community Manager at CrowdSec.

✨ Gain an understanding on:

➡️ Open source security

➡️ How collaboration allows you to outnumber the cybercriminals

➡️ How sharing signals can build diverse and accurate CTI

Join us on Tuesday, 3rd of October at 4 pm CET 👋

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    Jack Fryer Open Source Community Manager @ CrowdSec


Outnumbering cybercriminals all together.

CrowdSec is an open source cybersecurity suite that gives you crowdsourced protection against malicious IPs. You gain behavioral detection, automated remediation, and best of all, time and resources thanks to highly actionable cyber threat intelligence with zero-false positives and a reduced volume.