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Live Demo: Getting Started with CrowdSec

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Getting Started with CrowdSec - live demo & workshop

CrowdSec offers a powerful and innovative approach to threat detection and prevention by leveraging the collective intelligence of hundreds of thousands of real users, who share data and insights to help identify new threats and improve automated security response. 

CrowdSec’s suite is easy to deploy and integrates with any existing security infrastructure to protect businesses and organizations of all sizes from even the most sophisticated cyber attacks. Discover how to set up CrowdSec and leverage it to keep your digital assets safe.

In this demo, you will:

✅ Get an overview of CrowdSec

✅ Get a step-by-step view on how to set up the CrowdSec Security Engine

✅ See it in action

✅ Get tips on how to use the tool

✅ Overview of the CrowdSec Console

✅ Get an introduction to CrowdSec CTI

For more information about CrowdSec, visit:

See you on the 31st of October at 4 pm CEST 👋

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    Laurence Jones Support Specialist @ Crowdsec


Outnumbering cybercriminals all together.

CrowdSec is a leader in security blocklists, reshaping cybersecurity with its proactive defense strategy and unique collaborative approach. CrowdSec operates the largest Cyber Threat Intelligence network globally, built on crowdsourced data, and offers unmatched protection and efficiency.