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CryoSol Update: The VitroJet explained

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The CryoSol Community welcomes you to share knowledge about sample preparation for cryo-EM and learn from each other. We believe this is vital to advance cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) research. Our Community is open to share publications, new insights and practical knowledge to innovate cryo-EM sample preparation. We welcome our guest speaker Peter J. Peters PhD, University Professor and Limburg Chair at the Maastricht University. He will talk about the invention of the VitroJet: from idea to the scientific publication with the proof of concept. René Henderikx, Application Manager at CryoSol and co-author of the VitroJet scientific publication, will tell you about the VitroJet technology as it is today, right from our new lab in Weert. He will highlight various technology aspects of the workflow, clearly considering the practical challenges users are facing: from sample optimization, carriers, deposition techniques, to vitrification of samples for single particle analysis.

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Abstract, scientific publication

VitroJet: Bridging the Gap in Sample Prep.

Over the past decade, in spite of the advances, cryo-EM remains challenging and expensive due to limited efficiency and reproducibility of sample preparation. The inconsistency in grid preparation has pushed for many developments in the recent years. The VitroJet introduced and combined several new concepts in order to provide control over grid preparation. Automation and control through innovative techniques have been key to VitroJet development and in standardization of grid preparation.

After the presentations, both Peter and René will answer questions in our live Q&A. We would like to encourage you to share any questions you have, as well as your needs and suggestions for future directions to improve the cryo-EM sample preparation within the community together. Because two achieve more.

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We believe that knowledge sharing in cryo-EM sample preparation technology is vital to innovate, achieve advancements in cryo-EM research, and improve people's lives. Together, we can achieve more. Join our CryoSol cryo-EM Community.