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Cryo-EM in drug discovery: it is down to sample preparation now - On demand

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The CryoSol Community welcomes you to share knowledge about sample preparation for cryo-EM and learn from each other. We believe this is vital to advance cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) research. Our Community is open to share publications, new insights and practical knowledge to innovate cryo-EM sample preparation.

June 21st, 2022 we welcomed guest speaker Giovanna Scapin, Chief Scientific Officer at NanoImaging Services, New York, United States.

In this webinar Giovanna Scapin speaks about her publication and share her latest knowledge about the opportunities of cryo-EM in drug discovery. Read more about her strong background in the biopharmaceutical industry and cryo-EM here. The live Q&A with Giovanna will be joined by Giulia Weissenberger, Product Manager at CryoSol-World and responsible for the roadmap of the sample preparation solutions for cryo-EM. Our host will be Cliff Mathisen from Nanoscience Instruments, authorized CryoSol-World partner in the USA.

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Abstract, scientific publication

CryoEM in industry: challenges and opportunities

CryoEM is increasingly becoming the technique of choice to structurally enable drug discovery processes. In order to fully meet pharmaceutical needs of reproducibility, throughput, and cost, some challenges still remain, including sample preparation and instrument accessibility. Despite these current bottlenecks, cryoEM has already clearly demonstrated to be essential in expanding the space of structurally enabled targets and the breadth of structure-based drug design.

After the presentations, Giovanna, Giulia and Cliff will answer questions in our live Q&A. We would like to encourage you to share any questions you have, as well as your needs and suggestions for future directions to improve the cryo-EM sample preparation within the community together. Because two achieve more.

Enjoy the webinar!

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    Cliff Mathisen

  • Guest speaker
    Giovanna Scapin Chief Scientific Officer @ NanoImaging Services


We believe innovation and knowledge sharing in vitrification sample preparation technology is vital to advance cryo-EM research. Because two achieve more. Join our cryo Community.