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Vitrobot. VitroJet: Meet the Maker

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The CryoSol Community welcomes you to share knowledge about sample preparation for cryo-EM and learn from each other. We believe this is vital to advance cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) research. Our Community is open to share publications, new insights and practical knowledge to innovate cryo-EM sample preparation.

We are very happy to welcome our guest speaker Frank Nijpels, R&D developer and the inventor of numerous scientific and medical instruments. Frank was co-inventor of the Vitrobot when working at the Maastricht University. With the expansion of cryo-EM in the 20 years after the invention of the blotting device, it became clear a new approach to sample preparation was needed to bring this process under control. Frank was not only a co-inventor of the instrument but also a perpetual user and understood well the weaknesses of the different makes of the plunging devices. His experience was confirmed by other cryo-EM scientists: from the excessive sample needed, irreproducible blotting results, lack of temperatures control and filling procedure of the ethane cup, to the post clipping of the grids in liquid nitrogen - things had to change!

The birth of a new technology was not a nine-month journey. Frank explains why his dedication to the techniques meant that sample deposition, vitrification, grid handling and automation needed development. Testing was long and complicated as various techniques were tried and tested in depositing and vitrifying biological samples. Years of research and experiments led him and the team to a new technology which opened up the possibilities to create an automated sample preparation solution for anyone to achieve control and reproducibility. It is a platform ready for future needs and therefore a new way forward in sample preparation.The webinar will be hosted by Giulia Weissenberger, Product Manager at CryoSol-World.

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Thursday November 10th: 16:00 PM CET, 10:00 AM EST, 07:00 AM PST

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Scientific publication

Frank was co-author of the article in VitroJet Nat Comms paper: Ravelli RBG, Nijpels FJT, Henderikx RJM, et al.

Cryo-EM structures from sub-nl volumes using pin-printing and jet vitrification. Nature Communications. 2020 May;11(1):2563. DOI: 10.1038/s41467-020-16392-5. PMID: 32444637; PMCID: PMC7244535.

After the presentations, Frank and Giulia will answer questions in our live Q&A. We would like to encourage you to share any questions you have, as well as your needs and suggestions for future directions to improve the cryo-EM sample preparation within the community together. Because two achieve more.

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We believe innovation and knowledge sharing in vitrification sample preparation technology is vital to advance cryo-EM research. Because two achieve more. Join our cryo Community.