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Ice thickness measurement in the VitroJet for time-efficient structure determination

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We are very happy to welcome our next guest speaker Bart Beulen, Chief Technology Officer at CryoSol-World for the next webinar presenting results from the new publication 'Optical ice thickness measurement in the VitroJet for time-efficient single particle structure determination'.

Bart will first introduce you to the optical system of the VitroJet that is used for quality assessment. Then he will share new scientific insights into the experimental relation between optical intensity and cryo-EM ice thickness, and the correspondence to a theoretical model of thin film interferometry. The scientific explanation in this webinar promises an exciting step forward to determine ice thickness during sample preparation. After this webinar you will understand the newest capabilities of the VitroJet in cryo-EM sample preparation to confidently take your samples to the cryo-electron microscope to speed up your research.


Optical ice thickness measurement in the VitroJet for time-efficient single particle structure determination

Rene J.M. Henderikx, Saba Shahzad, Maaike J.G. Schotman, Daniel Mann, Thomas V. Heidler, Erin Leahy, Dariush Ashtiani, Roger J.M. Jeurissen, Peter J. Peters, Carsten Sachse, Bart W.A.M.M. Beulen

In cryo-electron microscopy structure determination, embedding biomolecules in vitreous ice of optimal thickness is critical. Ice thickness assessment and selection of suitable holes for data collection are currently part of time-consuming preparatory routines performed on expensive electron microscopes. For this reason, we developed a method to determine ice thickness during sample preparation using the optical camera integrated in the VitroJet. As a result, the ice thickness of buffer-suspended holes on an EM grid can be determined faithfully in the working range relevant for single particle cryo-EM. Dependent on the thickness, the error is below ± 20 nm in the range between 0 - 70 nm down to ± 10 nm in the thinnest ice regions (10 - 40 nm). Single particle structures of apoferritin were determined at two distinct thicknesses of 30 nm and 70 nm to demonstrate the suitability of optical layer thickness measurements for time-efficient cryo-EM structure determination.

The host of this webinar will be René Henderikx, VitroJet Product Manager at CryoSol-World, and equal author of the publication. With both Bart and René present in the live Q&A, you have access to the latest technological insights regarding ice thickness measurements and what will be applied in the near future. Find here the link to the new results.

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We are looking forward to encourage you to share any questions you have, as well as your needs and suggestions for future directions to improve the cryo-EM sample preparation within the community together. Because we believe ‘two achieve more’.

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