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West | Creating Differentiation with Integrated Experiences

About this event

Join Boomi for a thought leadership and discussion on the topic of Integrated Experiences, with guest speaker Elena Corchero (Director of Emerging Technology at News Corp and award winning tech/smart designer) and Ed Macosky (Head of Product at Boomi).

Users have an on-demand mindset. Users want to be instantly connected to what they want, how, when, and where they decide. Users demand Integrated Experiences.

Integrated Experiences are enabled through the confluence of information, integration, and interactions that transform engagement with customers, partners, employees. Integrated Experiences simplify your users’ life, increase trust and loyalty, and grant wishes.

As an organization, Integrated Experiences means you’re truly maximizing your most valuable asset – data, you have a unified fabric of connectivity across your ecosystem, and you’re creating new touchpoints, products, and business models that delight and engage.

Operationally, Integrated Experiences means your organization is more intelligent, agile, secure, and efficient, with a modern IT foundation.

Read more about our event and the Speakers we have lined up via our landing page here: https://www.cs-elite.co/events/dell-boomi-west

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