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ASIAPAC / EN / Real life FP&A tools for Cash forecasting and Cash Flow modelling

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In our previous webinar, Jack Alexander presented the impact of unforeseeable factors such as COVID-19 and how Cash forecasting and Cash Flow modelling methodologies can help to weather the storm.

If you want to revisit or missed the webinar go to this LINK and watch the recording.

One of the most immediate challenges confronting finance organizations is estimating the impact on liquidity and future cash flows under dynamic and uncertain conditions. How will the crisis impact revenues and cash receipts? What are our projected cash outlays? How long will our cash reserve last? What other sources of cash and liquidity are available? What progressive actions should we take if the crisis continues?

We want to follow-up on the theory and provide you another Webinar which will show you real-live applications powered by Apliqo solutions using IBM Planning Analytics/TM1 powerful engine, which will show you how to run an efficient, reliable and automated Cash Forecast for short-term funding and as well how to do Cash Flow modelling for mid- to long-term what-if scenarios.

Our subject matter experts will be presenting each individual solution in a one hour webinar.


Cash Forecasting

  • Save time through automation
  • Improve accuracy with variance analysis and actionable tasks
  • Impact analysis of Accounts receivables and payables late payments to cash position
  • Gain visibility over current and future cash positions

 Cash Flow modelling

  • What-if scenario modelling with integrated financial plan
  • Stress-test on profitability through unforeseeable adverse impact on business outlook
  • Driver-based planning to assess impact to all expense lines and potential mitigation activities
  • Balance sheet modelling to assess funding requirements and analyse forecasted Cash Flows
  • Generate transparency on future solvency and liquidity needs for better decision making process。

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    Girish N Cubewise

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