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Certent Disclosure Management and what it can do for you

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Certent Disclosure Management : What can CDM do for you?

Cubewise Breakfast Series : Isolation-Edition #1

CDM is a reporting application that will simplify and address multiple requirements on how to deliver internal management reports, presentations and external disclosures out of your TM1. It has the power to combine trusted numeric data with narrative textual data in a secure environment. Allowing for collaboration from multiple authors and, all using the same familiar environment from Microsoft Office(Excel, Word or Power Point) to build the reports.

Join us with Rodrigo Mazziero, the Practice Manager of Queensland to see what CDM can do for you and check out the latest features of CDM.

For anyone who missed the live session

Please contact jlee@cubewise.com or rrmazziero@cubewise.com, we will be in touch to send the material to you.

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