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Merchandise Planning and Decision Optimization

About this webinar

The Webinar "Merchandise Planning & Decision Optimization" highlights how to optimize your bottom line by applying decision optimization techniques to your plans.

We will be discussing a typical scenario to apply this in retail, where we will illustrate to you how a Merchandise Planner would review the original plan and how this plan would show that we need to reproduce our products in the middle of the season.

Due to the variety of options it could make the decision-making process difficult, as picking which items to reproduce and in which quantities to reproduce them could be tricky. We therefore use an algorithm to make these decisions with the click of a button, which would ensure the planning process is smooth and optimal in turn ensuring the best business decisions. This will inspire you and make it clear where you would be able to apply this in your own organization. 

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Dave Heleu General Manager, Belgium @ Cubewise

    Dave Heleu has a background in financial controlling. He has been active for the last 15 years as a planning expert across different industries and departments. TM1 is his weapon of choice.

  • Guest speaker
    Luc Cusiel Practice Manager @ Cubewise

    Luc has worked as a Performance Management consultant for over 15 years. With extensive knowledge and experience in the area of CPM, IBM and other applications. He has done project implementations across a wide variety of clients and industries. His technology of choice is TM1 / Planning Analytics.

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    Cubewise Team



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