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PA Next - What's next if you have Planning Analytics

About this webinar

So what's next in TM1 Planning Analytics?

We get asked that a lot and so we're hosting a new series to discuss these topics to explore the domain outside of our standard TM1 PA models. Now that TM1 is REST API ready, cloud ready, and we have excellent tool such as TM1py to simply the data integration tasks it's natural to look across to the horizon to see what's next?

Everyone's at a different stage of their TM1 Planning Analytics journey and some people may not be ready for the "next thing" but its always a good idea to keep informed and keep your plans up to date.

  • Assisted Staff Scheduling
  • Profit and loss
  • Expenses
  • Cash flow
  • Logistics
  • Commentary
  • Data science

Nothing is off topic. Join us to see what's next for PA!

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Jon Lee Cubewise

    The love of technology and the love of solving business problems sparks joy within me, specially when I can bring those two together to helping (myself) and business navigate through all the obstacles and challenges to solve the business problems. Perfection isn't my focus, bring tangible value is!

  • Guest speaker
    NR G
    Nicholas Renotte Data Science Specialist at IBM @ IBM

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    Cubewise Team



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