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Chapter 4 - Building Custom Workflows

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Building Custom Workflows

Managing planning cycles through curated templates

The business should run the business! Workflows used to be the domain of people who walked around buildings with plastic flowchart tools. Now workflows with rapid application development capabilities that enable and encourage business to build, adapt and manage processes are the key.

Aligning to efficient and transparent workflows are critical not only for business operations but also for pain-free planning cycles in FP&A.  Managing such a planning cycle requires coordination across many users and can become a nightmare even with a well-built planning model. 

Join us on this webinar where we add a custom workflow layer to an existing TM1 model.  Using Planning Analytics Workspace, we will explore how to set up these custom objects to be consistent with your existing planning process.  In the second half, we will use Apliqo UX to integrate this workflow layer with existing planning templates to create a seamless experience to input and review.

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    Wei Wang Cubewise

    With 14+ years of FP&A and consulting experience, I build customized business applications to optimize operational and financial processes. I strive to introduce applications with intuitive user experiences that are easy to build and maintain.

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    Atif Hameed

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    Luis Rincón Cubewise

    Business development specialist working with Planning Analytics/TM1. Strong technical and commercial expertise in TM1 and related software with 10+ years’ experience in both consulting and in-house roles in London, Sydney and USA.


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