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May TM1 be with you - The Excel Hell Menace

About this event

In the first Episode of the epic webinar saga - MAY TM1 BE WITH YOU, we explore how you can solve some of the issues that can make a great tool like Excel an absolute hell.

The road to Excel Hell is normally paved with good intentions. Almost every firm use Excel for financial reporting but let’s be honest, we have all been there or seen it happening, when a new Excel report is created, your boss loves it and few “easy” suggestions are added to the report.

The report becomes more complex and hence error prone specially if you take into consideration that 9 in 10 Spreadsheets contain errors. Then many people in the company is using the report and the “users” send updates and tweaks, eventually macros and other linked spreadsheets are incorporated but they don’t always work and not everyone is a VBA expert.

In 2013 JP Morgan had a $6 billion USD loss from a copy and paste error.

Several checks and balance reconciliations are also added to avoid errors. Now the report needs twice as long to be produced and it takes every month a whole team to consolidate, update, check, reconcile and distribute. Sounds familiar to you?

You maybe ahead of the curve by already using TM1 and taking the concept of Excel to a robust database level also known as the Functional Database. Yet, you could benefit even more from learning handy tips and best practices on how to effectively leverage TM1’s power through Planning Analytics for Excel (PAx). By using dynamic reports in conjunction with MDX you can solve some of the issues that can make a great tool like Excel an absolute hell.

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    Luis Rincón Cubewise

    Business development specialist working with Planning Analytics/TM1. Strong technical and commercial expertise in TM1 and related software with 10+ years’ experience in both consulting and in-house roles in London, Sydney and USA.


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