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Chapter 2 - Leveraging Alternative Hierarchies

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Leveraging Alternative Hierarchies

Increasing flexibility in workforce planning

Hierarchies in Planning Analytics can be a powerful feature but are often not fully utilized because of their relative novelty to the TM1 universe.  Let us look at how to use hierarchies with some other tricks to build an interactive, flexible workforce planning module. 

We will be using Planning Analytics with Apliqo UX to build a collaborative tool that is intuitive for users to both input and review.  Get comfortable, relax and join us in this insightful webinar where we will explore planning for employee cost with a modern, web-based front-end.  

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  • Team member
    Wei Wang Cubewise

    With 14+ years of FP&A and consulting experience, I build customized business applications to optimize operational and financial processes. I strive to introduce applications with intuitive user experiences that are easy to build and maintain.

  • Team member
    Luis Rincón Cubewise

    Business development specialist working with Planning Analytics/TM1. Strong technical and commercial expertise in TM1 and related software with 10+ years’ experience in both consulting and in-house roles in London, Sydney and USA.

  • Team member
    Andrew Leighton Cubewise

    As Cubewise Regional Director for the Pacific Region, I get the opportunity to work with companies to get the most out of TM1. I’ve been a TM1 enthusiast since I first encountered it as an end user and love seeing others have the same “TM1 light bulb” moment.


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