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The Attack of best practices for TM1 — PA Hierarchies

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There have been considerable improvements to the TM1 server in recent years and one of the hot topics that the new Planning Analytics is bringing to the table is the “true” Hierarchies.

Hierarchies are not enabled by default and there is important information about them that you should consider before enabling/turning them on. We have compiled the many aspects of hierarchies and the way they work with rules, TI processes, subsets, attributes, picklists and MDX.

It is important that you read our detailed blog Mastering hierarchies in IBM TM1 and Planning Analytics which will provide you with a better understanding on this new concept.     

Watch Episode II now to see Hierarchies in action and learn how you can implement Best Practices for this all new functionality of Planning Analytics.

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    Luis Rincón Cubewise

    Business development specialist working with Planning Analytics/TM1. Strong technical and commercial expertise in TM1 and related software with 10+ years’ experience in both consulting and in-house roles in London, Sydney and USA.


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