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The Revenge of TM1 Web

About this event

TM1 Web has been one of the main alternative user interfaces to Excel for planning and forecasting applications even since the release as early as back in 1997. This old friend has allowed business users to deploy web applications that can be easily created in spreadsheets.

TM1 Web has never been better! It now comes in IBM Planning Analytics with a modern look and feel, faster websheet load and scrolling, conditional formatting enhancements and iPad support. TM1web also uses several workspace components giving a seamlessly user experience throughout Planning Analytics.

Quick tips:

  • Help your users navigate your system with a low maintenance Menu System.
  • Use TM1 Web font – Helvetica Neue
  • (does not work in Excel – it defaults to Arial)
  • Use conditional formatting in moderation
  • Create data validations with TM1 rules
  • Use a colour theme consistently
  • (e.g. grey to indicate read-only cells)
  • Use Emoji or Webdings for small icons. (✔👍🔼🔽🔄❤🙄⚽🔒🔎🔻)
  • You can use Font Awesome for navigation links
  • Have a clean and consistent layout across all the reports and templates

We invite you to watch this video to rediscover the amazing power of TM1 Web and how easy it is to create and deploy web application for either planning, analysis and/or reporting.

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Luis Rincón Cubewise

    Business development specialist working with Planning Analytics/TM1. Strong technical and commercial expertise in TM1 and related software with 10+ years’ experience in both consulting and in-house roles in London, Sydney and USA.


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