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Apliqo UPM Webinar Series - The Concept of Unified Performance Management

About this webinar

Best practices, transparency, alignment. What is Unified Performance Management?

Performance Management is something organisations must do to become more successful and stay ahead of their competitors. In fact, managing performance is THE most critical task of any executive or manager, whether it is in small, medium or large organisations. If organisations get it right, their Performance Management processes allow them to define and communicate their strategies, as well as measure, report and monitor progress in order to manage and improve business performance. 

Performance Management can basically be defined as a set of management processes, often supported by information technology, that help to improve the strategic decisions people make every day. In the end, it is the quality of those decisions that will separate successful companies from the rest. Performance Management is therefore a term for a set of management approaches that enable organizations to define and execute their strategy, as well as measure and monitor performance in order to inform strategic decision making and learning. 

The basic Performance Management model integrates processes for defining strategic objectives, measuring performance, analyzing performance and reporting and reviewing performance - not to mention aligning people and culture. All of these are focused on performance improvement which is the central premise of Performance Management .

In this Webinar, we'll show you how Apliqo FPM incorporates this concept at its core and how that benefits companies.

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    Martin Winkler Head of Business Development @ Apliqo AG

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Unified Performance Management - drive collaboration and alignment throughout the company.

Apliqo develops innovative solutions that fundamentally change the world of unified business planning, analysis and reporting. We focus on next generation solutions and offer the latest in-memory OLAP technologies both “on-premise” or via the cloud (“SaaS”) to medium and large companies.