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Apliqo AG invites you to their event

Enhance TM1 beyond all expectations with Apliqo UX

About this event

Enable IBM Planning Analytics and TM1 user success with Apliqo UX:

  • Build you own curated planning & reporting applications using a friendly and modern web interface,
  • Leverage all the great functionality and engine power offered by Planning Analytics and TM1.
  • Enjoy the freedom to customize and extend your solution to meet the requirements of your business.

We love IBM Planning Analytics and TM1. We know you do too.

In order to overcome the traditional challenges of Planning Analytics and TM1 adoption, usability, and maintainability across the enterprise, we came up with Apliqo UX.

Apliqo UX is a user interface that you can easily deploy on any Planning Analytics and TM1 application, whether on cloud or on premise.

We would love to show you practical and time saving features such as load and import from Excel into TM1, as well as creating and managing complex businesses processes using our unique workflow component.

We would like to share how Apliqo UX can help you too.

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    Tomer Ganz

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    Wei Wang

Apliqo AG

Unified Performance Management - drive collaboration and alignment throughout the company.

Apliqo develops innovative solutions that fundamentally change the world of unified business planning, analysis and reporting. We focus on next generation solutions and offer the latest in-memory OLAP technologies both “on-premise” or via the cloud (“SaaS”) to medium and large companies.