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The secret weapon of modern marketers

About this event

Have you ever failed to execute on an idea because you didn't have the technical chops to send data from one place to another? Have you been scared to pull the trigger on implementing a great marketing tool because there's not a direct integration with the tools already in your marketing stack?

Gone are the days of pointing at technical or resource blockers as reasons for not moving your ideas forward. With Webhooks, every tool with a public API is ready to bend to your marketing will! With a basic understanding of web fundamentals, you can leverage Webhooks to build the customer experience you've been trying to build for years.

Special Guests

Join Bill Miksich and powerhouse guests: Adam DuVander from Zapier and Livestorm's Gilles Bertaux as they reveal the secret weapon every modern marketer should be confident in employing in their everyday marketing activity.

In this hour-long webinar, you'll learn:

  • Understanding Webhooks...from one marketer to another
  • The basics of API docs
  • Basic Example: How to send a direct mailer to a customer with Webhooks
  • Advanced Example: How to update your retargeting audiences using Webhooks and Zapier

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  • Guest speaker
    AD G
    Adam Duvander Developer Marketing @ Zapier

  • Guest speaker
    JC G
    Janet Choi Sr. Marketing Manager @

    10% human, 90% existential woes — marketing all the things @customerio; @asongadayco curator; feed me coffee, naps, books, and music.

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