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Link CVs to resource planning and business forecasting

About this event

If you are submitting bids and proposals you also need to plan and forecast availability and resources. In this 25-minute webinar you can learn how you can link your CVs from CV Partner with the resourcing and planning tool Operating. No more outdated Excel sheets, say hello to better planning, forecasting and profitability!


  • Intro and welcome
  • Demo of the Operating tool and CV Partner integration
  • Questions

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About Operating

  • With Operating you can 
  • Connect your CRM to plan upcoming work
  • Allocate people to projects on a timeline
  • Monitor planned capacity and actual hours 

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Lauri Eurén CEO & Founder @ Operating

    CEO & Founder at Operating. Building the tools for agency and consulting leaders to run their agencies efficiently with a happy & motivated consulting team.

  • Team member
    Andreas Parr Bjørnsund Co-founder and Head of Partnerships @ CV Partner

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