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Cytonics Live Investor Presentation w/ Q&A - April 30 2021 - 12pm EST

About this event

Join Joey Bose, President of Cytonics in an exclusive investor webinar to learn more about Cytonics' first-in-class therapies for treating osteoarthritis and investment in the company!

Topics covered:

  • Cytonics' APIC therapy for osteoarthritis and the future of regenerative medicine
  • The development of a first-in-class biologic therapeutic, "CYT-108", for osteoarthritis
  • Preclinical trial results and roadmap to FDA approval for CYT-108
  • Investment opportunity in Cytonics

Cytonics is a privately held research and development company developing first-in-class therapeutics for osteoarthritis. The company has treated over 7,000 patients to date with its patented APIC technology, a medical device that concentrates the therapeutic A2M protein from patients' own blood, and delivers the purified A2M concentrate back into damaged joints. Cytonics is developing a synthetic version of the A2M protein that has been engineered to be more effective than the naturally occurring form. Dubbed "CYT-108", this patented first-in-class therapeutic has shown promising results in preclinical trials and is almost ready to be tested in humans! Cytonics is currently raising capital to fund Phase 1 human clinical trials and further drug development. Learn more here: invest.cytonics.com

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Cytonics Corporation

Developing state-of-the-art diagnostics and therapeutics for osteoarthritis

Cytonics is a leader in the field of regenerative medicine and is positioned to disrupt the space with their innovative biologic therapies for musculoskeletal diseases.