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How Data Governance supports meeting Data Protection Regulation

About this event

Data Governance and the newer Data Protection regulations (like GDPR and CCPA) have a symbiotic relationship. Contrary to popular belief, they are not the same thing, but they do enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship.

Join this webinar with Nicola Askham, The Data Governance Coach, to find out how Data Protection Legislation can be leveraged to drive forward your data governance initiative and how in return, having a solid data governance framework will help you meet a number of the Data Protections requirements in a sustainable manner.

Whether you've not done anything with Data Protection or are in full swing, this webinar will help you understand how Data Protection and data governance go hand in hand.

Who is this webinar for:

  1. Data Protection professionals
  2. Data Governance professionals
  3. Data and Enterprise Architects
  4. Business Analysts
  5. Chief Data Officers

30 minute presentation will be followed with Q&A session.

Registered users will receive a recording after the webinar.

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    Nicola Askam The Data Governance Coach

    Leading data governance training provider in the UK with 15 years of experience. Director and Committee Member of DAMA UK, part of Expert Panel of DataQualityPro.com.

  • Team member
    Piotr Kononow CEO @ Dataedo

    Passionate about building products that help people do more with their data.


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