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How to enable data collaboration and culture in your organization?

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Although we live in a world where data is ubiquitous, it can be still quite difficult to collaborate with data effectively and efficiently in an organization. Tiankai will explain how these difficulties come down to a tension field of two dimensions: data storytelling and literacy, vs individual motivation & data culture. He will outline some actions to turn that tension field into an opportunity. Data collaboration doesn’t have to be difficult, and after this session you’ll know why.

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  • Team member
    Laurent Dresse Chief Evangelist @ DataGalaxy

    Laurent Dresse, Chief Evangelist, brings his expert industry knowledge, experience, and determined energy to the table to help solve your company's challenges. Laurent is a thought leader, using his market expertise and observations to educate the public on key data governance topics.

  • Guest speaker
    Tiankai Feng Head of Product Data Governance @ Adidas

    Tiankai worked in data all his professional life - he started as a Digital Analyst focusing on Marketing Analytics in the wider sense with experience in many industries, and has since then evolved into a Data Governance leader, currently leading the Product Data Governance team at adidas. He is passionate about the "human side" of data and believes that any data team can only be successful if the people around them have a basic understanding and appreciation of data.


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