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(15 Minutes) Weekly Office Hours with Datastreamer

About this event

Join a 15 minute conversation with our co-founder, Tyler Logtenberg, who brings over a decade of experience in leading technical teams at data-intensive startups. The session kicks off with a 5-minute demo of our platform solving a specific obstacle in constructing pipelines for data products, followed by an interactive Q&A segment.

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    Tyler Logtenberg Co-founder, VP of Ops @ Datastreamer

    Tyler has led product and engineering teams for over decade at 4 data-intensive startups. He brings expertise in unstructured data and leading technical teams for data products.


Unify Unstructured Data, 90% Faster

Datastreamer is a platform that unifies unstructured data in minutes, instead of months. Build data products faster by freeing your engineers from the manual work of multi-source ingestion and schema unification.