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Discover davinci: Your AI Patent Drafting Copilot in Microsoft Word

About this event

Patent practitioners have understood that those who hesitate to integrate AI into their workflow would take the risk of falling behind. However, adapting to new technology can seem daunting.

At davinci, we have streamlined AI integration into your current workflow, making adoption simpler and allowing you to harness this technology's power instantly, all while maintaining the highest security and quality standards in the market.

Our users say it is the easiest and most powerful AI solution they have experienced and report up to 40% time savings in their patent drafting workflow.

What You'll See:

💡 Grasp Inventions Faster: Save hours spent on research! The AI assistant helps you gain a deeper understanding of inventions, even the most technical ones.

💪 Strengthen your Claims: Never start from scratch again to draft your Claims! Use davinci as your second brain and get suggestions and angles you wouldn’t have considered in seconds.

🌟 Deliver Richer specifications: Save time on drafting simple sections of your Patent Application with AI and refine them to meet your specific needs.

🔎 Iterate and Review: Detect and prevent costly errors and inconsistencies within the application. Get alternatives to refine your application and propagate the changes across the whole document in one click.

About davinci:

  1. The only New-Generation Patent Drafting tool available on Microsoft Word
  2. Exclusive Microsoft partnership ensuring monitoring exemption
  3. Trustworthy, high-quality 1st drafts in just minutes
  4. The most friendly user interface for rapid adoption

Join us now to experience the future of patent drafting directly on your Microsoft Word template!


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davinci copilot is your AI patent prosecution assistant, saving time to focus where it counts.