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Mastering GenAI in IP Practice - Overcoming Risks and Embracing Opportunities

About this event

AI offers tremendous benefits for IP practitioners but, as with every emerging technology, it has come with some risks. While some of these challenges have been mitigated over the years, certain concerns persist, demanding careful consideration by AI service providers and their users.

Join this webinar to get clarity on the true challenges to be mindful of in 2024 along with solutions to leverage GenAI for your patent prosecution work with greater confidence.

During this session, we will discuss the following topics:

🔓 Data security & confidentiality: data retention, data encryption, ethical walls, terms & conditions of AI service providers…

✅ Trustworthiness & reliability: hallucinations, use of copyright works, personal information, illegal content, Incorrect information, IP infringements…

⭐ Ethical usage of AI and compliance with the various rules of conduct

⚖️ Understanding the complex regulatory environment

Why Attend?

  1. Get a clearer view of the remaining risks in 2024 and the solutions to mitigate them.
  2. Seek guidance on using generative AI in your practice and ensure the security of your client's data.
  3. Interactive Session: Engage with AI Experts and peers in real-time.

Your Speakers for this webinar

  • Cynthia Gilbert: Founding Partner at Blueshift IP LLC, a Boston-based patent law firm specializing in patents for software and computer technology. Cynthia has developed deep experience across a wide range of technology disciplines, including virtualization, cryptography, network security, artificial intelligence, natural language processing, cloud computing, mobile technologies and applications, operating systems, and communications infrastructure.

  • François-Xavier Leduc is the CEO of davinci, the Patent AI Copilot that enables IP practitioners to deliver better work to their clients, more efficiently, and increase the profitability of their practice. He has also co-founded Kili Technology, a startup that has provided AI products for five years to companies such as SAP, Airbus, IBM, or the US Department of Defense, accumulating unique experience in scaling what makes AI reliable – its data.


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