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Gas consumption forecasts: How to deal with new regulations, new constraints and new gases?

About this event

It’s increasingly important to forecast gas consumption to have better and quicker forecasts on both quality and quantity levels, especially to abide by EU energy regulations.

Gas distribution is a supply chain like almost any other.

Gas service providers, gas distributors and gas transporters have common issues. One of them is the consumption forecast. And this is where many questions arise:

  • How can I make sure that my daily balancing is right?
  • How do I detect losses in my network?
  • How can I assure a quality of supply?
  • How do I handle the injection of new gases like biomethane and hydrogen?
  • What is the right way to optimise my network to become more efficient and obtain financial returns, or at least avoid fines?

Join us on 10 February at 4.30pm to learn more about the point of view and experience of our speakers:

  • Nicolas Jensen, Senior Policy Advisor @ Eurogas
  • Antoine Mazy, Head of Energy Logistics @ GASAG
  • Maël Chiapino, PhD R&D Data Scientist @ DCbrain

Known for its complexity, risks and costly, capital-intensive assets, the gas industry is now facing new transitions. Indeed, as a result of the growing need for renewable energies and the arrival of new players in the ecosystem, gas networks are evolving at an unprecedented pace.

Today, the gas industry is facing two major challenges: new gas injection and economic pressure.

Biomethane and hydrogen will have a key role in the transition to a European zero-emission networked energy system. The transition from natural gas to green gas is planned for 2050, which means that gas transporters and distributors will have to adapt their existing gas infrastructures by then.

In March 2020, the European Commission presented a proposal for a climate law with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality throughout the European Union by 2050. This law and other constraints make the forecast almost indispensable.

GASAG, Berlin’s natural gas and electricity vendor has recognised this challenge as well as the potential of forecast optimisation.

In the context of a growing part of renewable energy and more complex processes, Antoine Mazy, GASAG’s CDO, will explain how they implement new technologies to optimise their consumption forecast, and how they measure the key success factors of this project.

DCbrain developed its SaaS INES (Intelligent Network Solution) to meet a need for adaptation and transition in gas networks. Its machine learning module will ensure such daily consumption forecasts for hundreds of thousands of clients. Combined with a digital twin of the gas network, challenges like better forecast of incoming and outgoing flows, how to better regulate all points of the transmission and distribution network etc are integrated and solved in one software, allowing for immediate financial returns.

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