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How does hybrid AI tackle new Gas industry challenges?

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How does hybrid AI tackle new gas industry challenges? 

Gas is a fossil energy but nonetheless one of the pillars of the energy transition: the current development of biogas and CNG, that of hydrogen tomorrow, allow a progressive decarbonation of the gas system. 

Aiming for cleaner energy, these energy sources are complementary to renewable energies with many positive externalities, yet their implementation faces the following challenges:

  • Integration of different types of gas into an existing infrastructure or renewal of gas infrastructures
  • Adequacy between supply and demand at the scale of a region
  • Quality of customer service and gas price concerning the accuracy of gas quality
  • Maximizing network usage and performance
  • Integration with other energy networks
  • Economic balance

At the center of these issues, one term often comes up: data. Massively produced and used via Artificial Intelligence technologies (Machine Learning, Deep Learning ...), data makes it possible to better predict future consumption, understand gas spreads and optimise existing networks.

How does hybrid AI tackle these new gas industry challenges? 

Learn how GRDF, Regaz or Teréga handled and solved these challenges thanks to AI and hybrid AI powered by INeS, the SaaS tool developed by DCbrain.

Register for free and seize the opportunity to discuss those challenges with our speakers:

Doudja Kartobi, Business Developer at DCbrain

Nicolas Kornman, Lead Optimisation Engineer at DCbrain

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