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Intelligence & Data : managing digital media for impact ?

À propos de ce webinar

Ce webinar sera présenté en anglais.


How Danone leveraged the Salesforce Datorama intelligence marketing solution to create a Global digital cockpit and activated this marketing intelligence solution across all their data.

As a testimonial : Danone Global Digital Media Performance & Partnership will detail their specific usage when agility and real-time action were required.

Les grandes thématiques qui seront abordées lors de ce webinar :


  • what are the main missions and challenges, what is the global digital media practice ?
  • Danone chose to adopt the Datorama intelligence marketing solution 2 years ago, why ? 
  • Today what are the benefits , the main usage of Datorama for Danone ( KPIs or adoption ) ?

Proposé par

  • Intervenant externe
    Doga Tunal Global Digital Media Performance & Partnership @ Danone

  • Intervenant externe
    Brahim Bouhadja Entreprise Account Executive @ Salesforce Datorama


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