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At Deel, we believe the future of work is borderless and inclusive. Since 2019, we’ve shattered barriers for distributed teams to operate. Our goal? To create one solution that meets the evolving needs of global teams in a constantly changing world.

Join us for The Big Deel online event as our leadership introduces another big piece to the puzzle, with a completely disruptive new product for teams everywhere. Goodbye, outdated systems.

Hit the road to 2023.

Join Deel Co-founder and CEO Alex Bouaziz as he shares our vision of future global workforces and presents a whole new Deel you won't want to miss.

Learn how to manage global teams.

Deel’s Head of People, Casey, will share insights and learnings from managing a distributed team of 2000 people across 100 countries.

Get a glimpse of our new fully-stacked releases.

Our Head of Product, Pearce, will share some never-before-seen product releases that are sure to completely change the way you HR.

Ask us anything? And we mean it!

Have a burning question about the future of global teams? Submit any questions or comments to join in on the conversation with our leaders during the event.

We can’t wait to introduce you to a whole new Deel!

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    Alex Bouaziz CEO @ Deel

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    Colby Splaine Internal Communications & Culture Manager @ Deel, Inc.

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    Casey Bailey

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    Pearce Dolan

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    Elisabeth Diana


The all-in-one HR platform for global teams.

Uncomplicated global hiring, payments, and more. Deel is building for the future of work—you're invited to join in on our webinars to discover new insights, unveil trends, and unlock the world.