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Company large Retrospective: from ideas to actions

About this event

We all know the benefits of a retrospective for a team or for a project. Wouldn’t it be great if we could scale it to the whole organization? Having everyone’s engagement and contribution to find improvements and creative ideas.

In this webinar we will share our experience at DEK Technologies in running company large retrospectives, and how to turn ideas into actions using the “Operation board process”. A tool with the main purpose of empowering and involving all employees in company’s operations and improvements.

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  • Guest speaker
    AD G
    Aolo Damelio Agile Coach @ DEK Technologies

    Paolo Damelio is enterprise Agile coach at DEK Technologies, helping teams and management to establish and strengthen the Agile mindset and practices. In the last years Paolo has been involved with several Agile transformations as a consultant coach and has been teaching and certifying 200+ Agilists

  • Guest speaker
    AN G
    Amir Namvar Senior Scrum Master @ DEK Technologies

    Amir Namvar is senior Scrum Master and Software Engineer at DEK Technologies AB. In addition, he is a consultant for some other companies where he teaches, mentors and coaches Scrum Masters and Agile teams. His primary goal is to get high performing teams by maximizing the collaboration.

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