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Multi-cultural company : benefits and challenges

About this event

Nowadays there are a lot of IT companies with employees from different nationalities and therefore different cultural backgrounds. Working in this diverse environment has its own benefits and challenges at the same time. By understanding the difference, we can turn the challenges into opportunities.

This webinar is based on a survey that was conducted on people working in different companies located in Sweden. The survey reflects some core cultural differences in the way of workings between Swedish and non-Swedish co-workers.

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  • Guest speaker
    SK G
    Sazzad Khan Senior Consultant / Agile Team Lead/ Scrum Master @ DEK Technologies Sweden AB

    Sazzad works at Ericsson as an Agile Team Lead plus Scrum Master on behalf of Dek Technologies. He has more that 10 years of versatile experience in Software Industry specialized in software product development and team building.

  • Guest speaker
    MA G
    Mahyar Arjmand Rad Product Owner @ DEK Technologies Sweden AB

    Mahyar is a senior consultant and product owner at DEK technologies. Working closely with his development team, stakeholders and the product owner community he secures a sustainable evolution of the product in an efficient way.

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