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Delair invites you to their webinar

Drones in agriculture research: How to get accurate measurements and actionable results

About this webinar

Using drone technology in agriculture is revolutionizing the industry, but there is a lot to consider as you build your end-to-end drone program for research purposes. How should you manage your microplots for field trials? What solutions exist for measuring different plant traits when experimenting with phenotyping? What should consider when choosing the drone hardware that’s right for your project?

In one hour, your learn:

  • How Eurofins used a complete drone solution to detect potato blight to improve field trial efficiency and precision
  • How to manage your drone data and run industry specific analytics in delair.ai, specifically for use cases surrounding phenotyping measurements and precision ag practices. 
  • What you should consider when choosing a camera and drone for your agriculture research project

We'll leave time at the end for a Q&A, so you'll get the opportunity to ask your specific questions!

Hosted by

  • Guest speaker
    LG G
    Lenaic Grignard Agriculture and Forestry Product Manager @ Delair

  • Team member
    Marketing Delair Webinar Manager @ Delair

  • Guest speaker
    Ed G
    Erik de Badts Account Manager LATAM @ MicaSense

  • Guest speaker
    EG G
    Emilie Guillard Director of Innovation @ Eurofins


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