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๐ƒ๐š๐ฒ ๐Ÿ: Interactive Workshop | Enabling Omnichannel Logistics

About this event

Brands like yours are now setting aggressive online sales targets. More than ever before, you are selling directly to customers through your own website. This brings considerable advantages, such as a reduced dependency on Marketplaces,ย greater control over final e-Shoppers, and increased volumes. Butโ€ฆit also ramps up logistics and business hurdles.

e-Logistics is at the core of e-Commerce success.

GEODIS commissioned Accenture to conduct a first of its kind survey with 200 brands in various industries in Europe and the US, to deeper understand their e-Logistics level of maturity and efficiency. So far, most research has been based on marketplace and e-retailersโ€™ data.

When asked about the key e-Commerce capabilities they need to improve, brands are primarily concerned about customer experience, i.e. focusing on the last mile: flexible delivery, facilitating returns, tracking.

Often due to their lack of resources, knowledge and expertise, Brands fail to recognize they could approach e-Commerce differently, more holistically, from a physical and digital perspective (omnichannel). They also need to realize that itโ€™s by solving key e-Logistics issues (inventory, transportation, distribution) that they will come right with their customer experience (or availability to promise?).

How canย brandsย improve their customer experience by overcoming their e-Logistics issues?

Actions companies must take will depend on where they are on their e-Logistics omnichannel journey. Some are more advanced than others โ€“ Accenture identified three levels of maturity with specific challenges to solveโ€ฆ

Be the first to discover the outcome of the survey for Brands like yours!

At the end of the restitution, GEODIS will analyze the key learnings to create the bridge between brandsโ€™ logistics challenges and growth of online sales.

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  • Guest speaker
    Melina Viglino Senior Principal @ Accenture

    She leads Accenture Researchโ€™s survey insights group and innovation team for Europe. She brings over 15 years of experience in survey design conducting business-to-business and business-to-consumer research in several industries for Thought Leadership and clients.

  • Guest speaker
    Ashwani Nath Global Head of e-Channel Solutions @ Geodis

    He records more than thirty-three years of experience in the logistics sector. He has held various regional and global leadership roles within global logistics companies, based in India, Sri Lanka, Italy, The Netherlands and France.


The European Rendezvous for e-Logistics

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