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πƒπšπ² 𝟏: Retail Leaders Masterclass | Automation, Omnichannel and Sustainability

About this event

Joost Poelgeest will launch the first session by sharing how Bol.com used the automation at the service of workers to create ideal working conditions. Omnichannel strategy has been the one chosen by the digital borned company Le Slip Français represented by Antoine Rigaud who will share its story. Before ending the first Retail Leaders Masterclass, sustainability will be discussed with Massimo Arioli who will talk about Prénatal's sustainable product offer and its circular logistics.

Find the whole transcription of the session HERE

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  • Guest speaker
    Massimo Arioli COO @ Prenatal

    Childcare hard good products have a limited time usage. Second hand is thus an issue for the industry and for retailers. It can be an opportunity provided that we have a clear value proposition focused on specific customer segments and provided we have a solid circular logistic model.

  • Guest speaker
    Joost Poelgeest Logistics Director @ bol.com

    Automation creating value both for the company by increasing capacity, but also for worker with indeed by better working conditions. bol.com strongly believes that better working conditions will minimize staff turnover and thereby increase quality and so value for the business.

  • Guest speaker
    Antoine Rigaud Operations Director @ Le Slip Français

    Born digital in 2011, Le Slip Français has since then opened a network of 22 stores in France. The company achieved this growth thanks to an omnichannel strategy with emphasis on the value created by the new customer journey


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