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πƒπšπ² 𝟐: Retail Leaders Masterclass | Customer Experience, Growth and Covid Experience

About this event

DAY-2 will start with our 100% female plenary session and welcome three amazing experts in supply chain, e-commerce and transport & logistics. Victoria Cantemir (Philips) will explore how supply chain supports the customer journey, Zorana Miligrad (Sport Vision) will share her vision of why ecommerce become the oxygen of the economy and Karine Damour (Fnac Darty) will close the session with her Covid Experience: from β€œomnicanality” to β€œpure player” in 2 months.

Find the whole transcription of the session HERE

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  • Guest speaker
    Karine Damour Logistics and Transport Director @ Fnac Darty

    How omni-channel logistics, with a preponderance of store distribution, becomes a pure player overnight, for a period of 2 months. Difficulties and successes.

  • Guest speaker
    Zorana Milidrag ECommerce Director @ Sport Vision

    Do you believe that a country or a company can go from impossible to necessary in just a few years?eCommerce gives you that opportunity! It is up to you to invest energy, time and money and with the right steps you will reach triple-digit revenue growth in 5 years.

  • Guest speaker
    Victoria Cantemir Head of Supply Chain for Direct-to-Consumer @ Philips

    The impact supply chain has on the consumer purchasing experience has increased substantially over the years: from product availability on the website, to click β€œbuy” on the checkout, to the delivery of the order.


The European Rendezvous for e-Logistics

DELIVER 2020 - Online on 8 + 9 October 2020 | Europe's largest elite event in retail operations