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What's Behind the Walmart 2-Day Shipping Hype?

About this webinar

Walmart Free 2-Day Shipping has been making waves since it was released to Marketplace sellers last year. We've seen incredible sales boosts to significant buy box ownership results. Zentail, Deliverr, and Walmart will partner in this webinar to go through case studies, tips for success, and the easiest way for marketplace sellers to enroll in and see success through the program.

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  • Guest speaker
    Sidharth Sahoo Strategic Partner Development Manager @ Walmart

    Walmart / Jet | SpaceX | Carnegie Mellon MBA | Deloitte | Tech Junkie | Connector & Networker | Avid Runner | Budget Traveller & Explorer

  • Team member
    Michael Krakaris

  • Guest speaker
    MG G
    Michael Goldmeier Director of Success @ Zentail

    Michael Goldmeier is Director of Customer Success at Zentail, the fastest growing marketplace management solution. As one of the initial Zentail employees, he has extensive experience with the platform and, more recently, has helped many Zentail sellers with their Deliverr partnership. Michael ha...


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