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Cathodoluminescence fundamentals: correlative cathodoluminescence electron microscopy

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The whole year we have been talking about cathodoluminescence (CL) fundamentals, and now our webinar series is coming to an end. In the final 6th session we will be talking about correlative cathodoluminescence electron microscopy.

Correlative cathodoluminescence electron microscopy, also known as CCLEM, is an imaging technique which can be used for studying the structure and composition of cells and tissues: with cathodoluminescence generated from functionalised probes attached to cells, it is possible to image cells with a much higher spatial resolution than is attainable in a conventional optical microscope. 

In this webinar, our applications specialist Sangeetha Hari will talk about CL probes and exciting applications of CCLEM. At the end of the webinar she will be happy to answer your questions!

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    Sangeetha Hari Applications specialist @ Delmic


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