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Delmic invites you to their webinar

Delmic METEOR launch: online demonstration

About this webinar

With the official launch of METEOR, we will be hosting two online demonstrations of the system: on the 28th October at 10AM (CET) and the 29th October at 6PM (CET). It aims to give you a fully immersive online experience which enables you to know METEOR from all the perspectives.

Demonstration key points:

  • Challenges the METEOR is designed to overcome
  • System's design and FIB/SEM compatibility
  • How METEOR simplifies lamella preparation workflow
  • High resolution data obtained using METEOR
  • How you can acquire fluorescence light microscopy data easily using METEOR
  • Ask our experts directly

Join us to see how METEOR can help you overcome the challenges in the current cryogenic electron tomography workflow and make your research easier!

What is METEOR?

METEOR is an add-on system for cryo-CLEM. By integrating a fluorescence light microscope (FLM) into your existing FIB/SEM, METEOR can greatly simplify the complicated lamella preparation workflow from 22 to 7 steps by minimizing the number of transfer steps.

It will not only increase the sample yield but also guarantee better sample quality as a result of having less sample damage, contamination and devitrification, which otherwise often occur during sample transfer processes. In addition, it is easy to reinspect the sample with FM after the milling process, ensuring that fluorescence is still present. METEOR works well with your transfer systems and sample holders, making it easy to adopt.

Hosted by

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    JL T
    Jingyue Liu Marketing associate @ Delmic B.V.

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    Vera Lanskaya Marketing Coordinator @ Delmic


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