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Fundamentals of cathodoluminescence for rare-earth doped materials

About this webinar

If you are working in the fields of optics, materials science, geology or life science, you might be familiar with unique optical properties of rare-earth doped materials. Because of these properties, these materials are employed for a large variety of applications.

One of the great techniques for studying rare-earth doped materials is cathodoluminescence imaging. In this webinar we will focus on the fundamentals of cathodoluminescence for rare-earth doped materials. We will present some practical examples where cathodoluminescence imaging is applied to rare-earth doped materials in the fields of:

  • optics/materials science (spectroscopic studies on materials in (nano)powder or nanostructured form)
  • geology (studying geological samples such as zircons)
  • life science (CL markers in biological sections)

Join the webinar with our cathodoluminescence specialist Dr. Toon Coenen and ask all your questions during the webinar.

Hosted by

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    Vera Lanskaya Marketing Coordinator @ Delmic

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    Dv G
    Daan van Oosten Slingeland Sales Manager @ DELMIC

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    Toon Coenen Product Manager @ DELMIC


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