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The SECOM: online demonstration

About this webinar

Correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM) is a unique technique, which combines fluorescence and electron microscopy. It is the perfect tool for studying the complex relation between form and function in life sciences, as it allows to effectively label the sample while simultaneously acquire high resolution structural information.

If you are working with biological samples, such a technique can be extremely beneficial for your research. Join the first online demonstration of the SECOM, an integrated correlative light and electron microscope, to get a better understanding of the possibilities of an integrated CLEM.

The SECOM is a unique integrated solution for extremely fast correlative light and electron microscopy with the highest optical quality and overlay accuracy. It is the only system on the market that integrates a scanning electron microscope and a fluorescence microscope. During the demonstration, we will show how easily fluorescence and electron images can be acquired and aligned due to an automated overlay feature. The demonstration will consist of four parts: first, our application specialist Sangeetha Hari will briefly explain the principles of integrated CLEM (iCLEM), then she will show the hardware. After that, she will demonstrate the image acquisition with our user-friendly software ODEMIS; finally she will take time to answer any question you might have.

This demonstration is a great opportunity to see the SECOM live in action, but if the time of the demonstration doesn't suit you, don't worry! You will receive the link to the recording as soon as it finishes, and will be able to watch whenever it is convenient for you.

If you would like to learn more about iCLEM in the meantime, make sure to check our collection of webinars. The most recent webinars are dedicated to Integrated Superresolution CLEM and studying Giant Viruses with integrated correlative light and electron microscope.

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    Vera Lanskaya Marketing Coordinator @ Delmic

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    Sangeeha Hari Application specialist @ DELMIC


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