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Highly Mobile Workers in the EU

About this event

The number of mobile workers within the EU has increased over the past years, resulting in new types and patterns of labour mobility. Among this group are the so-called ‘highly mobile workers’, which include a wide range of people placed in heterogeneous situations. They may perform various professional activities through several statuses and under multiple work patterns.

Highly mobile workers could have to cross the border frequently; working in more than one Member State is their day-to-day experience. From a social security perspective, this raises the question - which Member State is competent for their working situation?

The webinar first aims to better identify who these workers are before describing some main issues and challenges observed in the field of labour law and social security coordination; which have been further highlighted by in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. The webinar will then look more closely into the social security coordination for these workers and will provide an overview of the existing regulatory framework focusing on the main challenges and the ways in which they are currently addressed.

In addition, the webinar will provide examples referring to specific sectors and professional categories. With regards to this, the results of the MOBILIVE study will be presented, providing an overview of the current situation and challenges faced by those workers in the live performance sector.  

Viewers of the webinar will be invited to ask questions, write comments and share their views on the topics presented and discussion points raised.

  • Prof. dr. Filip Van Overmeiren, University of Ghent and Brussels – Deloitte Belgium (host)
  • Prof. dr. Jean-Philippe Lhernould, University of Poitiers, “Highly mobile workers vs free movement rules, incl. general social security and labor law aspects”
  • Mr. Bernhard Spiegel, Head of Division, Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs, Health and Consumer Protection, Vienna, “Social security coordination for highly mobile workers”
  • Prof. dr. Marco Rocca, University of Strasbourg, “Results of the MOBILIVE study on highly mobile workers in the live performance sector”

This webinar is organized by Deloitte Belgium and EFTHEIA on behalf of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion (DG EMPL). It is part of the seminars and information activities of the MoveS Network of Legal Experts. 

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  • Guest speaker
    FV G
    Filip Van Overmeiren

  • Guest speaker
    BS G
    Bernhard Spiegel Head of Division, Prof.dr. @ Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and the University of Salzburg

  • Guest speaker
    JL G
    Jean-Philippe Lhernould Prof. dr. @ University of Poiters

  • Team member
    VH T
    Victoria Howlett

  • Guest speaker
    MR G
    Marco Rocca Prof. dr. @ University of Strasbourg


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