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Financial Sector: How to Make the Right Innovation Decisions

About this event

Innovation is critical for financial services companies to stay relevant and competitive in our fast-changing tech-driven world.

While 84% of executives agree that innovation is important to their growth strategy and 80% believe that their current business models are at risk only 6% are satisfied with innovation performance.

Effective innovation performance begins with asking the right questions and making the right decisions for your organisation, such as: 

  • What is the role of innovation in financial services companies?
  • What inhibits innovation, vendor selection, and third-party collaboration?
  • How can you overcome these challenges - internally and via third party collaboration?
  • How do you evaluate vendors while remaining compliant...always?
  • How do you evaluate your options to make the best-informed choice? 
  • How do you eliminate risk before you deploy new technology in your production environment?

About the speakers….

Delta Capita is proud to present insights, processes, and tools financial services companies are using to make the right innovation decisions and secure a competitive edge. Watch this space, as we will be adding more experts shortly.

Ian Hollowbread, Head of RegTech Labs at ING Wholesale Banking, is globally responsible for RegTech within ING Labs, with a focus on supporting and investing in early-stage companies to help address regulatory compliance and proactively protect the financial system at large. An accomplished change manager, with over 15 years’ experience across service, operations and regulatory environments, he brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of post-trade infrastructure and innovation.  Ian is an active member of ING UKs Innovation Council and has had responsibility of defining strategy and transformation under ING’s Chief Administrators office function. Most recently, Ian served as Chair to the Association of Foreign Banks RegTech Group and he promotes ecosystem building efforts to help solve some of the fundamental challenges to technology adoption.

Ian Rae is the director and co-founder of the management consulting firm Strategia Advisory. With over 35 years of experience in technology for financial services companies, he has held numerous CXO roles in both large global organisations and fintech start-ups. Ian has a great understanding of how to get things done and is passionate about creating business value with great people & solutions.

Mitesh Soni is a fintech industry leader with over 20 years’ experience driving business transformation, digital disruption, and business model definition across the financial markets. He is passionate about technology and the fourth industrial revolution and keeps a keen eye on the intersection of technology, the impact on society, and the changes we all need to make to stay relevant.

Kevin Covington, managing director at Change Alley, is a serial international company CEO with over 35 years’ experience in Financial Services. Focused on industry and technology innovation, and with multiple experiences in the journey from start-up to exit, he is an experienced Fintech NED, Corporate Advisor, and Technology Accelerator Mentor. 

Open innovation expert and speaker, Toby Olshanetsky is the co-founder and CEO of prooV. The first PoC-as-a-Service platform, prooV helps enterprises find, test-drive, and implement new technologies. He has held senior roles and led several successful startups over the past 20 years, in technologies including cyber-security, mobile development, e-commerce, and online banking.

Philip Freeborn is the Delta Capita Group COO and CIO. He is the former MD at Barclays IB responsible for Technology and Operations globally. Prior roles include Wealth COO and Head of Integration and Africa COO. He also served as CIO at UBS investment bank.

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  • Guest speaker
    Kevin Covington Managing Director @ Change Alley

  • Guest speaker
    Philip Freeborn COO and CIO @ Delta Capita

  • Guest speaker
    Ian Rae Director and Co-founder @ Strategia Advisory

  • Guest speaker
    Mitesh Soni Innovation Advisor and Investor @ SingularityU London Chapter

  • Guest speaker
    Toby Olshanetsky CEO and Co-Founder @ prooV

  • Guest speaker
    Ian Hollowbread Head of RegTech Labs @ ING Wholesale Banking

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