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How To Improve Your Paid Search Lead Quality

About this event

The way that we buy digital media has taken giant leaps forward in a short space of time. Limited control coupled with rising costs has bred confusion, frustration and sometimes distrust in Google, and the algorithm. Those who rely on the platform for generating leads have been particularly affected, as the levers they depended on to maintain lead quality have slowly diminished.

Luckily, technology has also improved upon how well we can track the sales journey and various customer experiences. Understand these advancements, and you'll be able to maximise the power of Google again.

To help you find renewed confidence in the algorithm, we've partnered with the call tracking provider, Infinity. We'll explore how you can provide Google with the right data to guide its decision-making, mirroring the choices you would make if you were managing it manually.

Furthermore, we'll demonstrate how this operates in real-world scenarios, with a couple of examples.

What you will learn:

  • How media buying with Google has changed over recent years
  • How this has directly affected lead generation
  • How to capture & feed the right data into Google to guide the algorithm
  • How to use data to optimise for lead quality

How to join the conversation:

We will be using polls, live chat and Q&A throughout to address your challenges and bring you into the discussion.

Our Partners:

Hosted by

  • Team member
    Wesley Parker Co-Founder @ DemandMore

    Wes has over 8 years paid media experience across agency and client side. He is a columnist at Campaign Magazine and recently spoke at SMX Advanced.

  • Guest speaker
    Matt McGillicuddy Head of Growth Marketing @ Infinity

    Matt has been in the marketing space for over a decade. He is currently head of growth at Infinity call intelligence and speech analytics platform.


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