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The Art & Science of Paid Media Forecasting

About this event

It’s safe to say that we’d all like a little more certainty right now. As we approach next year's media plan, we want to be able to forecast performance with confidence.

If you’re looking to take some calculated risks, deliver different options to help set the board's expectations or create rolling forecasts as the landscape changes, having a strong methodology, and understanding its limitations, are key to forecasting with certainty.

We’re going to be looking at different forecasting methodologies, as well as determining to what extent you can rely on them, so you can manage these uncertainties, whether you’re forecasting yourself or alongside an agency partner.

We’ll look at external factors you should consider, such as seasonality, the weather and consumer confidence indices that impact channel performance. These will need to be considered if you want to create a forecast that you can rely on.

What you will learn:

  • How to create a granular forecast that you can be confident in
  • The methodology behind forecasting so you understand the limitations
  • What to compare against, considering the last couple of years were exceptional
  • External factors that need to be considered to forecast with certainty

How to join the conversation:

We will be using polls, live chat and Q&A throughout to address your challenges and bring you into the discussion.


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    Andy Blewden Co-Founder @ DemandMore

    Andy has 9+ years’ experience in paid media, working with leading brands including JD Sport, Which? Funding Options and Secret Escapes.


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